Tour artist’s view of college

A Harrogate artist has once again proved she is a cut above the rest, thanks to a commission for the town’s Ashville College.

The independent school tasked Anita Bowerman – the official artist of last year’s Tour de France Grand Depart – to create a “paper-cut” of the college and its extensive campus.

This form of art was particularly popular with the likes of Henri Matisse, who described his cut-outs as “drawing with scissors.”

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For her interpretation of Ashville College – which took 100 hours of careful work to complete - Anita has taken inspiration from the iconic clock tower, Memorial Hall, Elmfield block and rugby and cricket pitches.

It also features pupils participating in a wide variety of sporting activities and Headmaster Mark Lauder waving from his study window.

Ashville College Headmaster Mark Lauder said: “I absolutely loved Anita’s Grand Depart cut-out and, on the strength of this, we commissioned her to create a cut-out of the school.

“The finished art work is simply superb.”