Tour de Yorkshire trophy arrives in Halifax ahead of big Summer send-off

Halifax hosted stage four of the Tour de Yorkshire for the first time in 2018, with thousands of people gathering at The Piece Hall in May to join in on the race day celebrations.

Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 2:38 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 3:43 pm
Alan Rowley, trophy chaperone for Welcome to Yorkshire

After a huge success the race is set to return for the second year running.

Alan Rowley, trophy chaperone for Welcome to Yorkshire, said: “The Tour de Yorkshire gives proud Yorkshire people like us the chance to show off Yorkshire.”

The Piece Hall has always been a central part of Halifax town centre and with more recognition to its beauty being appreciated across the region, Mr Rowley said: “The Piece Hall is magnificent, it’s a wonderful building and that’s what the Tour de Yorkshire is all about.

Alan Rowley, trophy chaperone for Welcome to Yorkshire

Mr Rowley said 'Yorkshire is fast becoming the cycling capital of Europe' and he wants to use the Tour de Yorkshire as a way of promoting 'specialist buildings across the region.'

The event was such a huge success for The Piece Hall and the local community of Halifax last year that anticipation for this year's race is already running high.

Denise Webber, event project manager for The Piece Hall, said: “The Piece Hall is such a beautiful building and it’s tailor made for large events like this so it attracts a lot of international events and people as well as giving visitors of Halifax the chance to see something on such a large scale.”

Local businesses at The Piece Hall have already planned this year's celebrations ready for the crowds brought by the Tour de Yorkshire. Jackie Rawnsley, owner of The Chocolate Box, a store based within the Piece Hall said: “it was such a fantastic atmosphere last year, there was so many people here it was just amazing. I’ll be supplying race themed chocolate and ice-cream at this year's event.”

Denise Webber, event project manager for the Piece Hall

John Fellows, co-owner of Mystical and Magical, said: “we are really looking forward to decorating our windows, we have some great ideas on how we are going to incorporate the letter ‘Y’ and make it as bright, colourful and themed as possible.”

Local business owners can see why The Piece Hall has been chosen for such a large event, Mr Fellows said: “where in a town centre can you find something as amazing, that can bring in thousands of people and celebrate the Tour de Yorkshire in a great way. It’s just perfect for it.”

It seems dozens of businesses at The Piece Hall plan to get involved in the Tour de Yorkshire, with Halifax’s local community coming together for the second year running to create a wonderful, exciting day. Stage four of the Tour de Yorkshire kicks off from The Piece Hall on the 5th of May.