Town: We’ll get tough with trouble makers

FC Halifax Town v Chester, at The Shay, last night.
FC Halifax Town v Chester, at The Shay, last night.

FC Halifax Town have described the people involved in Saturday’s fighting as ‘a cancer’ - and vowed to get tough with the yobs.

Fans jumped the hoardings at the Exacta Stadium on Saturday and charged at the home end while the match was going on - and there was another incident later in the game at the opposite end of the ground.

Three people were ejected from the ground and a 51-year-old man from Halifax was arrested.

He was later released without charge.

Now the club has spoken out publicly for the first time on the incident.

In Town’s match day programme for the FA Cup third qualifying round replay with Chester last night, the club’s board of directors said those involved were not fans of FC Halifax Town.

“These are not fans of the Club, they are a cancer, ‘hangers-on’ who adopt a selfish, tribal approach, determined to spoil someone’s afternoon on the way, for their own gratification and cheap thrill,” they wrote.

“For the Board of Directors and for many others, it spoilt Saturday’s game and creates a lot of extra work for everyone and ultimately sends our match day costs rocketing due to the increased need for supervision.

“Increased costs mean that we have to deflect funds away from the playing budget to pay costs elsewhere.

“To be honest, it makes us wonder whether it is worth carrying on doing the job we do.

“Match day is the ultimate reward for donating all our time free of charge along with a number of volunteers who have the club at heart in our quest to move forward and up the leagues.

“For the future we want regular big games, in front of thousands of fans, but if this is what we have to put up with, then perhaps we need to sit down and have a long hard think?”

The club also added the club had photographs and footage of the incidents from Saturday.

FC Halifax Town beat Chester 3 - 1 last night to set up a fourth qualifying round meeting at Lincoln City. For match report see the related link below.