Did flood alleviation scheme work contribute to Mytholmroyd water main burst

Water main burst and the Mythomroyd flood alleviation work taking place in the background (Calderdale Council)
Water main burst and the Mythomroyd flood alleviation work taking place in the background (Calderdale Council)

The Environment Agency has issued a statement about the ongoing flood alleviation scheme in Mytholmroyd and the burst water main on Burnley Road.

This is how long Burnley Road in Mytholmroyd will be closed for after water main burst

The Flood Alleviation Scheme for Mytholmroyd has been developed in partnership with Calderdale Council, the local community, and partners.

In a statement the Environment Agency said: "A burst water main along the A646 Burnley Road in Mytholmroyd caused disruption yesterday morning near to the Caldene Avenue junction.

"This happened whilst Yorkshire Water were carrying out work as part of Flood Alleviation Scheme for the village. Due to significant damage to the road, it has been closed for safety until further notice, with diversions in place.

"We will continue to support Yorkshire Water to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and keep the community updated on the situation.

Vital works to be completed as part of the flood alleviation scheme include: New, raised flood and improved walls, the relocation of Caldene Bridge, widening of the river channel at key locations and the waterproofing of buildings next to the river.

Mytholmroyd water main burst: Dramatic video and photos of the burst and aftermath

The burst water main happened at the junction of Burnley Road and Caldene Avenue and was in close proximity of work being carried by the Environment Agency.

In a statement released yesterday by the Mytholmroyd Flood Alleviation Scheme it said: "Yorkshire Water, their contractors Morrisons and Calderdale Council are on site and we are working alongside them to resolve the issue.

Mytholmroyd water main burst: What is Yorkshire Water doing

"We have equipment available on site to help deal with emergency situations and we will continue to assist where possible.

"At this time we do not know the cause or how badly the road has been damaged.

"As part of the scheme, we have been working closely with Yorkshire Water to carry out service diversion work in the area. All work has been undertaken in close consultation with the Council and Yorkshire Water.

"We have also been carrying out piling work in the river channel close to this location this week, however our oiling is not within a high risk area of a Yorkshire Water asset and is not expected to be the cause.

"Throughout any piling activity, we continually monitor any vibration levels and this has shown the impact on the nearby water main to be very low.

"We will continue to work with our partner organisations and keep you informed as we have more information.

"If you have any concerns you can contact us by email mytholmroydFAS@environment-agency.gov.uk "