Five hours of Halifax town centre road closures for Duke of Wellington statue unveiling

Market Street in Halifax will be closed for five hours today
Market Street in Halifax will be closed for five hours today

Roads in Halifax town centre will be closed today for the unveiling of a memorial to the Duke of Wellington regiment.

A memorial commemorating The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment’s loyal 304 years of service to the Crown, will be unveiled at Woolshops shopping centre in the heart of Halifax.

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The ceremony will take place at 3:15 pm today and will be preceded by a service and concert in Halifax Minster at 1:30 pm, celebrating the history of the Regiment.

However the road closures in the centre will begin at 12pm and continue to 5pm

WY Metro and bus services will not be serving Market Street.

Disruption to bus services

The following services will be affected and diverted as follows:

503/539 towards Halifax - Do not use Wards End. Opertae to bus station via Fountain Street, Cow Green and Broad Street

503/539 towards Huddersfield - use normal route

510/512/521/522/523 (from King Edward Street) towards Illingworth and Mixenden - Operating via Southgate, Horton Street, Square Road/Winding Road, Northgate then resume normal route.

512 from Pellon Lane - Borad Street direct to bus station (do not use Crown Street)

512/521/522/523 from Mixenden and Illingworth towards King Edward Street - Use normal route

542 from Siddal towards Norton Tower - from Water Lane at mini roundabout, then follow ahead on Church Street and Winding Road, Northgate. use stand C4 at bus station. Do not use Prescott Street and Market Street

542 from Norton Tower towards Siddal - From Wards End, follow ahead (do not use Market Street) Church Street/Winding Road, Northgate and use stand C4 at bus station