How to sow seven million seeds in Salterhebble's living wall

Seven million seeds have been sprayed on the 6,000 bags of soil and nutrients recently installed as part of an ambitious scheme by Calderdale Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Seven hundred shrubs including ivy, honeysuckles, dog roses, and hawthorns 500 wild flower plugs and 20 trees, including elms, limes maples, rowans and cherry trees, are also being planted on the living wall up Salterhebble Hill.

Hydro-seed being sprayed onto the green wall up Salterhebble Hill

Hydro-seed being sprayed onto the green wall up Salterhebble Hill

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The new living wall aims to improve local air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide as well as delivering biodiversity benefits for the area and enhance the overall surroundings. CO2 and NO2

What is the purpose of the black bags being installed up Salterhebble Hill
Councillor Eric Firth, Deputy Chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee said: “Spraying the new living wall here at Salterhebble with seven million seeds and planting over 1,200 shrubs, wildflowers and trees is the final stage in creating this new vertical garden that will absorb carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide along this stretch of the route.”

Divided into five phases, the A629 scheme aims to reduce congestion, improve journey times, boost public transport use and improve cycling and walking conditions along the key route between Halifax and Huddersfield.

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As well as the highway widening and living wall, the scheme’s Salterhebble to Shaw Hill section includes new traffic light technology, junction remodelling and improved active travel facilities that will mean better and safer journeys for public transport users, pedestrians and cyclists.

Coun Tim Swift, Calderdale Council’s Leader and Combined Authority member said:“The living wall is one of the final milestones in the Salterhebble to Shaw Hill phase of the ambitious A629 scheme.

"This first phase paves the way for further improvements in the next major part of the scheme – the Calder and Hebble junction. Combined, the upgrades will bring significant reductions to journey times and massive opportunities for business growth in Calderdale.”