Wheels put in motion to improve railway station

Friends of Brighouse Train Station prepare to improve the appearence of the station
Friends of Brighouse Train Station prepare to improve the appearence of the station

A newly formed group is looking to build a platform for the future and transform Brighouse railway station into a focal point of the town.

The Friends of Brighouse Station group has been formed to improve the look and surroundings of the station and has grown from the Sunday Station Ambassador programme initiated by Steven Lord, of Brighouse Business Initiative (BBI), with Grand Central Railways.

Friends chairman David Bedding said: “As Ambassadors being at the station on Sundays we felt that there were improvements that could be made and, after some discussions with Northern Rail, the Station franchise holders, we decided to start the ‘Friends of Brighouse Station’ with the intent to improve the overall station environment.

“Northern Rail have been very supportive of our objectives and we look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with them.”

The group will continue to work closely with the BBI with John Buxton working on the committee.

Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker also showed his support for the group.

Brighouse councillors Scott Benton and Howard Blagbrough were also at the launch and confirmed council support for the initiative.

“The station is the first part of Brighouse that many of our visitors see and it’s important to make a good first impression,” they said.

Initially the group will be focusing on the car park and shrubbery and plans for flower tubs on the platforms in the Spring.

Grand Central Railways has already helped by funding the purchase of planters for the platforms.

The Friends are also looking for other members to join and help in their work.

More details can be found at www.friendsofbrighousestation.org.uk.