Calderdale residents frustration as no solution in place for driving rat run

Six months after a detailed council survey, residents of a “rat run” route say they are still waiting for traffic calming action.

Friday, 7th May 2021, 11:05 am
Updated Friday, 7th May 2021, 11:06 am

Drivers avoiding traffic calming measures in parts of Mixenden, Halifax, particularly on the main Keighley Road, have been an issue for years, say residents of Jumples Crag.

In the past year they have submitted their own survey of vehicle numbers to Calderdale Council which last December organised its own volume and speed count in two places along Jumples Crag.

This showed even in time of COVID restrictions the average for that month was 3,000 vehicles using the route, issues including noise and frequent backing up of traffic on the road which in parts has no pavement for pedestrians and residents say is not wide enough for two cars to pass.

Jumples Crag, Mixenden, Halifax

Pinch points put in place some years ago have just led to traffic queues, say residents.

The authority pledges further solutions are being worked on.

Resident Clare Simeunovich says the December survey saw speeds of up to over 60 miles an hour registered.

A sign saying the route is unsuitable for HGVs was moved to a more visible position which did result in keeping 12-14 of these away daily, she said.

But residents, who contacted Halifax MP Holly Lynch about the issues, claim otherwise nothing seems to be happening.

Mrs Simeunovich says: “I think we have been abandoned – it’s been a total fight with these people and I don’t know why.

“The noise is enormous and at the side of my house the stone is being just eaten away, three builders have told us it is traffic pollution.

“Sixty per cent of the traffic are speeding and probably 40 per cent in a log jam.

“In a year we have gone nowhere,” she said.

Assistant Director for Strategic Infrastructure, Steven Lee, said: “Following a traffic and speed survey carried out at the end of last year we’ve been discussing and developing designs for a potential scheme around the local area to discourage traffic from using this route.

“We’ll also be considering options to attempt to reduce vehicle speeds along Jumples Crag.

“Our busy highways department is currently dealing with a number of similar schemes across the borough, but as soon as resources allow, we’ll look to share a draft scheme design with residents.”

Ms Lynch said she has had significant engagement with residents and council.

“A traffic survey was undertaken in November last year following a survey I undertook with residents, and I am pleased that plans are underway to find solutions to the problems.

“I want to thank the council officers working on this and stress just how important it is that they are treated with respect, given the enormous competing pressures they are facing,” she said.

Jumples Crag, Mixenden, Halifax