'Fix our streets' petition outlines anger over Calderdale's pothole problems

Potholed roads have returned to the centre of debate, with a petition about them presented at the full meeting of Calderdale Council and an election candidate separately querying the method of repair.

By John Greenwood - Local Democracy Reporter
Wednesday, 21st April 2021, 3:27 pm

Liberal Democrat councillor Ashley Evans presented his groups “Fix Our Streets” petition signed by people concerned about the issue to full council.

“All councillors will hear on the doorstep -potholes, potholes, potholes’ and Calderdale’s roads are in a shocking state,” he said.

The council was encouraging people to get on their bikes and potholes were dangerous to cyclists, could also damage cars and generated a lot of noise.

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Brackenbed Lane, Halifax, pictured by Andrew Tagg

It did not help that the Government had announced a cut in the council’s highways grant by more than 20 per cent, said Coun Evans.

He cited Court Lane and Paddock Lane in his ward as examples and urged the council to look into buying a JCB Pothole Patcher, new technology which would prove effective on an invest-to-save basis.

The council’s Cabinet should also petition the Government for more funds, said Coun Evans (Lib Dem, Warley).

Away from the council chamber, former councillor Andrew Tagg, who is standing as Conservative candidate for Mixenden ward in the May elections, has previously complained about the risk roads pose to cyclists.

And he has now questioned the composition of repairs, which he says are crumbling away within months of them taking place, citing Brackenbed Lane in Halifax as an example.

In response to Mr Tagg, Calderdale Council’s Assistant Director of Strategic Infrastructure, Steven Lee, said Calderdale’s highway network is the council’s largest and most valuable asset and requires regular maintenance.

“We do all we can to maintain good quality roads and we are constantly reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure that we deliver value for money.

“All A,B and C roads are surveyed annually and a programme of resurfacing and surface dressing is agreed.

“It isn’t possible to include every road in this programme, so resurfacing and surface dressing work is targeted where it’s most needed.

“However, we carry out regular ‘patching’ and pothole filling works and when issues with road defects or potholes are reported we attend to them as soon as possible.

“Whilst these targeted repairs are not as long-lasting or durable as a full surface treatment, they require minimal disruption and are a cost-effective solution.

“As described above, we are currently carrying out a full assessment of all the roads in Calderdale, including Brackenbed Lane, and this will determine our priorities for the forthcoming year.”