Mainly dry and cloudy day forecast: morning traffic and weather round up

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A mainly dry and cloudy day is predicted across Calderdale today (Monday).

There will be outbreaks of rain this morning but these will move southwards. Temperatures will reach eight degrees celsius.

The Met Office has issued a warning for ice on the roads tomorrow morning but that will soon disappear as temperatures start to rise to three degrees. But with the wind this will feel more like minus one degree.

Rain is forecast for Wednesday but that will dry up towards the end of the week.

The A58 Aachen Way in Halifax is busy but moving at the Queen’s Road junction.

The A629 Calderdale Way in Elland is busy but moving in both directions at the A6025 Halifax Road.

The A629 Cow Green in Halifax is busy but moving in both directions at the Bull Green junction.

The A641 Huddersfield Road in Brighouse is busy but moving outbound at the Bethel Street junction.