National Rail crackdown on fare dodgers

Halifax Railway Station.
Halifax Railway Station.

Northern Rail is cracking down on Halifax and West Yorkshire fare dodgers.

The most common journey where passengers travel without a ticket in our region is the Leeds to Manchester line, calling at Halifax, Sowerby Bridge, Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge.

In 2013, 844 passengers were caught travelling on Northern Rail without a ticket across West Yorkshire - 69 of whom started their journey at the staff and machine ticketed Halifax station.

Managing director of Northern Alex Hynes said: “Customers, they have a real problem when they see others not paying for journeys.

“The highest number of journeys made without paying started at open ticket office and machined stations.”

To reduce fare dodging, Northern has launched two online videos and posters displaying the implications of ‘taking a free ride.’

Fare evasion costs rail industry £240 million per year.