No progress on electrification

Metro chairman James Lewis.
Metro chairman James Lewis.

The Government has yet to name a task force charged with looking into the electrification of train lines - including the Calder Valley line - six months after pledging to do so.

Chair of Metro, James Lewis, said the Government have been dragging their feet over the issue and has called for the devolution of railways to the regions.

He said: “Why a civil servant in London makes decisions on local trains doesn’t make sense.

“They have a completely different view to someone travelling on the 1980s diesel trains on the Calderdale line.

He said the benefits of electrification are faster, more reliable trains and a 30 to 35 per cent reduction in costs.

He added: “As governments often do, they started with a press release and have gone no further.

“there is this odd schism in the rail industry between the infrastructure and operational side.

“The case is strong for electrification in Calderdale - let’s just get on with it.”

Mr Lewis said the line needs to see electrification within a decade.