Road closure frustration brings formal complaint

RESIDENTS in Mixenden can expect weeks of disruption when Crag Lane is closed for road works.

The main route through the Halifax village will be shut for up to five weeks from the beginning of August while a new gas main is installed.

One resident has formally objected to the closure, saying it is unnecessary and possibly illegal.

Sean Loftus said he did not think any thought had been given to how those affected by the planned closure will get into or out of Mixenden.

“The alternate route is the subject of various road closures and diversions, with more due soon.

“It is true that schools are not open and there will be no children travelling to school but there are also those who have to travel to and from work, of which I am one.”

Mr Loftus said when similar work was carried out recently the road was reduced to one lane with traffic controlled by lights.

“The same section of road is now said to be too narrow to allow this work to be done in the same manner.”

He has also complained to Calderdale Council about the legality of the road closure notice.

It says the closure involves a section which is 10 metres in length.

“Having spoken to the council, I was informed that it was a simple error due to the wrong unit of measurement being used and they will rectify this by simply adding an extra zero to the figure in the notice.

“If this means that once the notice has been issued, incorrectly in this case, a council officer can simply modify the application, on behalf of a third party, it calls into question the whole planning system and those that operate it.”

Mr Loftus doubted the council would pay attention to his complaint as closures are confirmed as a matter of course.