Roadworks cancelled but still no buses until the weekend!!

BUSES should be running normally again from Sunday to and from Mixenden.

Planned roadworks along Crag Lane have been suspended – but too late to reschedule bus services.

Contractor Enterprise was due to start work replacing 170m of gas main late July, which included a five-week road closure and diversion from Monday this week.

Bus services were to be maintained via the diversion route to help minimise disruption.

But passengers have been left with no roadworks and no buses on Crag Lane.

Gwen Allen for Northern Gas Networks said: “We need to apologise for having to reschedule this work – it is very rare that this needs to happen.

“The work needed to be postponed to allow Enterprise to prioritise a more urgent project.

“We never take chances with gas safety and it was vital that this work took precedent.

“Starting work on Crag Lane later than planned would have caused the project to run beyond the school holidays – leading to unacceptable inconvenience.

“Instead, it was agreed with the council to postpone the work until next year, minimising disruption to customers and road-users alike.”

A First spokesman said once it was instructed about the planned roadworks bus and staffing levels were re-planned to ensure some services could run.

“A number of our drivers are now on their family summer holidays and therefore it is extremely difficult to get the required number of drivers back to work this week to run a full schedule.

“However, we are working hard to get in contact with staff and are planning to return to a full schedule by this Sunday.”