Smoke alarm alerts neighbour to grill pan fire in Brighouse

A man was woken by the sound of his neighbour hammering on his door in Brighouse this morning because his grill pan was on fire.

Monday, 25th February 2013, 7:11 am

The man had left some meat cooking under the grill and then fallen asleep at his home on Crowtrees Lane at around 12.35am.

When the meat caught fire, his smoke alarm went off but he did not wake.

Fortunately, his neighbour heard the alarm, rang firefighters and woke him up banging on the door.

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Firefighters said the house was filled with smoke but only the grill pan was damaged. The man inside was not hurt.

For a free home fire safety check including the fitting on smoke alarms contact West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service on 01274 682311.