VIDEO: '˜It was like a bomb had gone off' - Car crashes into house

The owner of a house in Ripponden where a car smashed into the side of the property described the moment as '˜like a bomb had gone off'.

The crash happened at 5.45am this morning at Stones Drive Junction of Rochdale Road and involved one car which left the road and ploughed into the side of house.

Judith Lythe, 66, said: “There was this huge bang, it was so loud that it sounded like a bomb had gone off.

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“I said to my husband Richard ‘what was that?’. He said ‘I think something has hit the house’. We both jumped up - everything had moved.

“Richard threw his clothes on and went outside and I spoke to the man. He was conscious and had been on his way to work.

“He was saying he was alright, but it was such a big shock. The car was on its side and he had to be cut out.”

The force of the car as it plunged into the side of the house caused a wall in the spare bedroom of the house to partially collapse and has also caused cracks in the roof and around the doors.

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Luckily, the bedroom where Judith and Richard, 71, were sleeping was not hit, but the retired couple said it will take weeks for the damage to be fixed.

“’I’ve said before that something like this would happen, as we’re in a direct line from the road here.

“I’ve had this thought for a while, thinking that something could happen because people use the road as a turning circle.

“The fence and handrails have come up, but I think the handrail might have slowed him down so he didn’t come right through.

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“You don’t think about what could have happened, it could have been so much worse. I just really hope the man is not badly injured.

“He kept apologising and saying he was sorry, but I just want him to be ok.”

One person was trapped and the male casualty was extricated by fire service personnel and transported to hospital by ambulance.

Appliances from Halifax, Rastrick and the Technical Rescue Unit from Cleckheaton attended. A structural engineer was also requested to attend to check for structural damage to property.