Youngsters: get smart

Yelllow bus
Yelllow bus

Young people have the chance to be part of the next stage in West Yorkshire’s journey to ‘smart bus and train travel’.

Smart-enabled versions of Metro’s Young Person’s PhotoCard, which provides 11 to 16 year-olds with half fare bus and train travel throughout West Yorkshire, are now available and over time will replace the existing paper versions.

Metro is urging existing cardholders to use its new online application at to get their replacement smart-enabled card. New applicants, which can include under-11s who look older and who can get a card early, can also use the simple online process to get their card.

All first time applications are free and currently Metro is offering all replacements free of charge as well. And all applications made during this period will be entered into a prize draw to win an iPad. PhotoCards will be processed and posted out 7 to 10 days after application.

People applying for a Young Person’s PhotoCard do not have to be a West Yorkshire resident. However they do need to provide proof of age. Online applicants can do this by using their valid UK passport, their own email address and a digital passport-standard photograph of themselves.

Applicants can still go to Bus Station Travel Centres for a Young Person’s PhotoCard. They will need to provide proof of age such as their Passport or Birth Certificate and their photograph will be taken at the Travel Centre. Anyone wanting a PhotoCard immediately will be asked to pay £2 for a temporary paper version to use until their smartcard is posted out to them 7 to 10 days later.

As well as being sure of half fare bus and train travel Young Person’s PhotoCard-holders can also purchase money-saving SchoolPlus MetroCards and concessionary train-only DayRovers. The next stage in rolling out smartcard ticketing will see Cardholders being able to load these tickets on to their PhotoCard’s chip and swipe onto those buses which have had their ticket machines configured.

“For more than two years, over 300,000 West Yorkshire Concessionary Card holders have been using their smart-enabled cards to swipe onto buses and now we are extending the use of these smartcards to young people, who will soon be able to load their cards with ticket products,” said Metro Chairman Cllr James Lewis.

“I would encourage young people to go to and use our online application process, which worked so successfully for the recent replacement of over 100,000 concessionary passes for blind, disabled and senior people.”

Future smartcard developments for West Yorkshire include the unveiling of the M-Card website.

“Over the coming months, the range of new, smart MCards is going to start transforming public transport in West Yorkshire, making it easier for people to buy money saving products and speeding up boarding times as passengers swipe their cards rather than searching for the right money or waiting for the driver to give them change,” he added.