Triathlon challenge in memory of mum to raise funds for Overgate

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A group of 26 people from Halifax will take on the London Triathlon tomorrow to raise money for Overgate Hospice.

The challenge, which will see the group swim in the River Thames followed by a bike ride and a run around the Docklands, has been organised by Daniel King, who was inspired to fundraise for the hospice after their care of his mum Susan, who died from bile duct cancer in September 2015.

Around £21,000 has already been raised since February through sponsorship, collections and quiz nights.

Daniel, 36, from Illingworth, said: “My mum passed away a couple of years ago at Overgate so I wanted to pay something back to them.

“It cost about £10,000 for her care so I sent out a war cry to my family and friends to help me raise that amount.

“My mum spent two months as an outpatient at Overgate and two months as an inpatient.

“She had done volunteer work herself and helped raise £250,000 for Illingworth Moor Church over 10 years.

“Overgate were brilliant during our time there. It’s not just the support but the time they give.

“In hospital everyone seems to be in such a rush, throwing medication at you.

“But Overgate take the time to chat and ask how you’re feeling, which makes a massive difference.”

When asked what his mum would think of his fundraising efforts, he said: “She would be very proud.

“She knew some of my friends really well too so she will be smiling down on us.”

To donate to Daniel’s cause, go to

It costs £9,700 a day to run Overgate, of which £6,800 has to be raised. The hospice’s weekly running costs are £68,000.