Tribunal into murderer Ian Brady’s state of mind

Ian Brady
Ian Brady

A tribunal into murderer Ian Brady’s current state of mental health has started.

Brady, 75, murdered five children in the 1960s with his girlfriend Myra Hindley burying some of them on Saddleworth Moor. One of his victims Keith Bennett has never been found.

But Judge Robert Atherton has stressed that the tribunal would not consider Brady’s crimes or the whereabouts of Keith who disappeared when he was aged 12.

Brady has been on hunger strike for year, but is force-fed at Ashworth Hospital, Merseyside.

He wants the mental health tribunal to allow a move to a prison in Scotland, where he hopes to end his life.

This is the first time Ian Brady has been seen in public since he was jailed for life almost 50 years ago.

The task for this tribunal is to decide whether, under the Mental Health Act, Brady should still be detained at Ashworth or returned to the normal prison estate.

It is scheduled to last eight days, with the judgement then due to be reserved to a later date.

Brady and Hindley were convicted and jailed for life in 1966. Hindley died in prison in 2002, aged 60.