Tribute to man who worked until the end

the late Richard Simpson
the late Richard Simpson

A man who dedicated his life to outdoor work has died.

Richard “Dick” Simpson, who suffered from Parkinson’s, was 82 when he passed away after contracting pneumonia.

He appeared in the Courier 11 weeks ago after he finally gave up his double allotment plot in Albert Road, Pellon, Halifax, after 45 years.

His daughter Jean said he worked until the day he died. She said: “He couldn’t sit still for more than an hour and was always desperate to be outside.

“After he gave up the allotment he worked in the garden at home. He always looked forward to each day.”

Born in Newcastle, he moved to Halifax as a young man and began work in 1945 as a farm labourer, using horses to plough the fields. He later worked as a livestock officer for the Ministry of Agriculture. He won countless prizes for his vegetables and was well known and liked by farmers in the area.

Jean said: “He went on a five- mile walk just seven weeks before he died and was up a ladder at 81.

“He never tried to keep fit but just kept doing what he had always done. He proved you don’t need to grow old and that exercise is an elixir of youth.”