Tributes paid to heroic survivor

the late Michael Krupa pictured in1995
the late Michael Krupa pictured in1995

Tributes have been paid to author Michael Krupa who has died at the age of 98.

Mr Krupa, who wrote Shallow Graves in Siberia, was born in a small Polish village called Rudnick, near to Krakow, Zackopane, and the Tatra Mountains.

He studied at the seminary for four years but did not have any calling to live in the monastery and absconded. The Jesuits released him of his vows after begging for forgiveness and he eventually returned to his family.

Mr Krupa of Coley then started his two years compulsory service and reported for duty with the 13th Regiment of Cavalry in Nowa Vilejka in the north of Poland. He was invited to apply for several signal courses which he passed with flying colours and on returning to his unit he was promoted to corporal. He also served for five years in the Air Force Meteorlogical.

He married an English girl Kathrene James and they had three children. Julia, Micheal and Danuta. They opened a shop in Buttershaw called Michael and Kaths. He also has four grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. His funeral was held at Coley Church.