'Tunisia? Belgium? No, we'll settle for Blighty'

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THEY should be sat drinking a cocktail by their hotel pool.Instead Pauline and Terence Tucker have packed their suitcases for the fourth time this week and are hoping it is third time lucky to make their getaway.

The grandparents, of Moor Bottom Road, Illingworth, had shelled out 950 for a 12 night, 5* luxury break in Tunisia.

Within hours of arriving at the luxury hotel, civil unrest broke out in the African country.

Their poolside lounging was littered with the sound of gunfire and three days later they were evacuated from their hotel by Thomson.

The unlucky couple decided a break on the continent would help them unwind and booked a five night coach holiday with National to Belgium.

When their tickets arrived they saw they had been seated in row 13 and packed their suitcases and passports once more.

They arrived at Bradford Interchange at 5.30am yesterday morning expecting to be picked up by a coach at 6.15am but the coach never showed.

"My sister said to me, when you get on that bus just don't sit on row 13. We never even got on the bus to ask anybody," laughed Pauline, 62.

After two hours of phone calls, National arranged for a taxi to come to take them to meet the coach. But it was too late and the taxi could not catch up in time.

"I cried all the way home from Bradford," said Pauline.

They anxiously waited at home to hear if National could make their dream of a getaway come true.

By 10am the couple had been told they would be fully compensated with a three-night, all-inclusive break to the east coast seaside resort, Scarborough.

"It's not Tunisia but National have been absolutely great," said Terence, 69. "We can't fault them at all."

"We never holiday in Britain, but we just want to get away," said Pauline.

"I've been so stressed with it all," she said.

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