Twelve-house Queensbury plan given go-ahead by councillors

Woodlands Grove in Queensbury
Woodlands Grove in Queensbury

A housing development on a Queensbury field has been approved by councillors.

The plans by Reside Commercial to build 12 houses on a field off Woodlands Grove had attracted numerous objections from neighbours, but was approved by members of Bradford Council’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee on Wednesday.

Objectors told the committee there were already traffic issues on Woodlands Grove, and when cars parked on the narrow street it was difficult for bin wagons to get down the road.

They said that the issue would only get worse if the plans were approved, and this road became the access to the new development.

But planning officers pointed out that this was an existing problem, and whether the new plans were approved or refused, that would still be the case. They also said the new development would have adequate parking for those living there, and the site had already been allocated for housing by Bradford Council.

Councillor Simon Cooke (Con, Bingley Rural) suggested the developer provide a lay-by as part of their development, which would help the existing traffic problems on the road by offering Woodlands Grove residents a place to park.

Officers said that although they could speak to developers about this, they could not make it a condition, and it could be a “nightmare” to enforce.

Four members of the committee voted in favour of the scheme and one against.