Twitter and Me: Will I give birth the same day as Victoria Beckham?

Rachel McAlley - blogger for Courier and Hebden Bridge Times websites
Rachel McAlley - blogger for Courier and Hebden Bridge Times websites

Nobody tells you that this pregnancy malarkey is going to be easy do they?

You just get the ‘oh how wonderful’ and the ‘you look blooming’, never the ‘you’ll vomit for the whole 9 months,’ or ‘you’ll cry most days for no apparent reason’, or ‘are you suffering from a pregnancy rash, extremely smelly feet, or you’ll be a moody cow for the duration’. If I’d have known I may have thought twice before embarking on this life changing decision. But still, the upside is that I may give birth on the same day as Victoria Beckham, which would be nice, I guess!

If it wasn’t for my Facebook friends and the tweeps that I follow and who follow me on Twitter then I’m not sure I’d have got through the past 7 months of carrying something that seems to have extended my backside to the size of a detached bungalow!

Both Facebook and Twitter have restored my faith in humanity, especially on those dark days of pregnancy when you are sick from morning through until night and then right through the night. I’m lead to believe that it gets worse once the baby is born – how lovely! Anyhow, I digress, as always. The lovely peeps on FB and Twitter have answered every single question I’ve posed about being pregnant, what a great tool for getting immediate answers to those all important questions like ‘will I ever be able to enjoy blue cheeses again, ‘why do I get heartburn from watching the tv’, and most importantly will I ever want to stay up beyond 8.30pm again? ‘.

Moving away from the whole pregnancy thing, and on the rare occasion that I have stayed up past 8.30pm I’ve attended some wonderful events, my fave by far was the recent opening of James Martin’s new restaurant The Leeds Kitchen. I was a very lucky VIP guest at the three-course dinner and I took the ‘handsome’ one as my guest, and we had a really great meal cooked by James Martin’s fair hands. The Leeds Kitchen by James Martin is set in the surroundings of Clarence Dock in Leeds and within the Alea Casino building, which as you know if you’ve read any of my previous blogs I love going to Alea. We were treated to some homemade bread, lots of lovely wine (that I didn’t have due to the baby bump), and a proper lovely meal which included Cream of Cauliflower Soup with apple fritters and coriander, followed by Salmon fillet with parsnip puree, fennel pollen, lardo, butter sauce and borage leaves, and my pudding was James’ famous Lemon tart with thick crème fraiche – all was lurverly. Prior to the dinner James said a few words to the 60 guests and informed us that none of his meals would be cost prohibitive and that all produce would be sourced locally and from throughout Yorkshire. He was true to his word as the official menu was released two days after our dinner to the public and nothing was over £24 for his main courses, and they average £17. Well worth a visit if you’re ever in the Leeds area.

I was sent TheO by Cloud Nine to try on my long hair, and I have to say that having never ever curled my own hair in the past, or having never used rollers this was an experience and a half for me. My hair firstly didn’t take to the rollers, then I couldn’t get them to stay in my hair, and by this point the ‘handsome’ one was laughing out loud at me and he even tried to help. But, with a little patience, plenty of practice and reading the ‘how to use’ booklet I’m now one 30 something young lady with voluminous hair with curls to die for and these little four-second wonders are well worth the investment. I’m all about the curl now ladies!

I popped along to a recent event held at Harvey Nichols called the Yo & Show, it was a fashion show for Spring/Summer 2011 followed by dinner at Yo Sushi , I had so much fun. I took an old friend and we admired the outfits, wolf whistled the sexy male models (we’re all allowed to window shop), gawped at the long legged stunning female models and drank plenty of Miso Soup. A great evening of fun, laughter and shopping, what more does a girl need every once in a while!

And the event to top off all events was the 60th Anniversary Party for Harveys of Halifax. It was an evening of fashion shows with glamorous models, live entertainment, fabulous music, amazing food, lots of Halifax VIPs and the store was open for hundreds of shoppers to indulge in a treat or two. The store supported the Charity Homestart on the launch evening and will still be raising funds until the end of April (which is fast approaching). A party to suit the grand store, and one that I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

No I must focus on planning my next adventures, join me on Twitter for a Tweep-up or just a general chat – I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tra for now, LadyRach xoxo