Two Halifax lads are club’s mystery DJs

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TWO Halifax men have taken their place behind the DJ stand at a renowned Leeds club.

The pair, known as King Tut & The Wookie, are the new resident DJs at the recently reopened The Warehouse,

Their real names, usually kept secret, are David Wright and Sean Kirkbride and both hail from Skircoat Green.

The pair, who keep their identities secret as much as possible, are delighted to be part of the rebirth.

The club opened in 1979 and in its heyday attracted bands including Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Oasis, Sasha and Blondie.

The club has been totally rekitted to include lasers and air jets as well as new furniture.

The Loft, upstairs at the venue, exposes the brick and wooden beams, fireplaces and sash windows.

The venue has had a turbulent history with several closures over the last decade. At one point there was talk of the space being turned into housing.

David said: “As a young DJ growing up and gigging around Halifax, everybody used to talk about The Warehouse as the place to play. I’m really excited about having the opportuntiy to play there regularly.”

The Wookie – Sean – said: “I heard the building was being auctioned off as flats so it’s great that it’s been restored to its former glory.

“It has so much history, with so many huge bands and DJs playing there throughout the 80s and 90s.

“I’m honoured to be part of it.”

The two have already headlined at the opening night and will return for monthly gigs.