‘Ugly’ tiles must go - say planning chiefs

Saghir Hussain at Ziggy's, Halifax.
Saghir Hussain at Ziggy's, Halifax.

The owners of two town centre restaurants have been told by planning inspectors that their property alterations are unacceptable.

The tiles they have added to the front of their premises fail to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the Halifax town centre Conservation Area.

The former Heaths Bar

The former Heaths Bar

Both owners had their planning applications turned down by Calderdale Council and have now lost their appeals to the Planning Inspectorate.

Mr Z. Hussain put black ceramic tiles on Ziggy’s Spice House, in Carlton Street, but the result is visually incongruous, according to inspector Stuart Hall.

“It detracts materially from the character and appearance of the building, to the detriment of the site’s surroundings. The visual effect fails to observe the criteria for good design,” he said.

Mr Hussain said he had many letters of support from customers for the changes and claimed he was being singled out for planning enforcement action.

Farid Eatessami put stone cladding on 8 Bull Green, formerly Heaths Bar, which inspector John Gray described as “entirely alien” and damaging to the setting of nearby listed properties.

“At a distance, the colour seems not unreasonable but as one approaches, various aspects become more apparent and put it wholly out of character with the surrounding buildings. It totally fails to reflect the traditional style of the original building or the character of the street scene.”

When Mr Eatessami originally applied to the council for permission to put up the cladding he claimed it was to help reinforce the walls of the old building. But the planning inspector said: “It is obvious that the cladding is no more than cosmetic.” Mr Eatessami also lost his appeal to retain two signs.