Unattended candle causes Greetland bedroom fire

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An unattended candle blaze caused severe damage to a house in Greetland this morning (Wednesday).

Fire crews from Rastrick and Halifax were called to a property in Heathfield Avenue at around 11am.

A candle had been left unattended by a bedroom window and caused curtains to set alight.

A teenage girl in the property at the time tried to smother the curtains, but could not extinguish the fire so escaped the property and raised the alarm.

The bedroom was completely damaged by the fire and the heat from the blaze caused plaster to fall from the ceiling.

The first floor of the property was also heat damaged and around four other properties were also affected by smoke from the fire.

Watch commander Andy Marshall of Rastrick Fire Station said: “If you are going to use candles, make sure they are on a proper holder and do not leave them unattended.”

Four breathing apparatus wearers tackled the blaze and two hose reel jets were used to extinguish the fire.

A positive pressure ventilation fan was also used to clear the smoke.