Union postcode has pension message

Royal Mail Logo
Royal Mail Logo

Postal workers have delivered a giant postcard to Royal Mail’s headquarters in protest at the company’s plans for pensions.

The Communication Workers Union is campaigning against pension changes, as well as other issues linked to privatisation.

The union is threatening to hold a strike ballot before the end of September unless there is a deal on pensions, pay and jobs.

London regional secretary Jim Kirwan said : “The postcard explicitly names and shames those at top level management who are in line to receive enormous pensions compared to that of our members – but while they’re cutting ours, they’re making sure to protect their own.”

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “Our proposal could allow us, unlike other companies, to commit to keeping the plan open to existing members for five years, subject to certain conditions, with no changes to members’ benefits, retirement age or accrual rates. During that period, the proposal would also ensure that the plan could remain fully-funded. This would not be the case if no changes are made.”