Unique exhibition features John’s wonderful creations

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When Sue Allinson and Phil Withersby opened the Calder Gallery in Hebden Bridge in 2005, they were delighted to offer exhibition space to the intricate and original work of artist John S Prescott.
 Since then, John’s wooden structures and boxes have been the focus of keen interest from everyone who has had the chance to see them. 
 Phil said: “John’s work is often illuminated by a dry humour and he is truly an artist with a surreal outlook. We have never seen any other work that displays such high levels of skill combined with such imagination.”
 The gallery in Market Street is hosting an exhibition of John’s ‘Wonderful Creations in Wood’ from February 21 to March 22. It will feature spinning wheels, chairs, clocks and bowls as well as boxes and ‘pods’. 
 John’s interest in marquetry started when he was 14 and this has been his major creative medium ever since. Much of his spare time was spent in the development and creation of fabulous objects while he was still in full-time work but retirement has given him more time to concentrate on making the extraordinary objects featured in the show.

John will be at the Calder Gallery for the opening weekend of the exhibition on February 21 and 22 and will answer questions from visitors. Phil said: “It will be a wonderful opportunity for John’s many fans to meet this modest and unassuming man.”

lFor opening times visit www.caldergallery.co.uk