UPDATE: Metro issues latest timetable

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Buses are still not running in a number of areas in Calderdale.

The 512 is not running between Mixenden terminus and Pellon Road because of snow drifting, the 513 is not running through the Furness Estate. The 549 is not running down Cowcliffe Hill and the 571 is not running through Coley.

Bradshaw to Shelf is also without a bus and Red Lees Road to Burnley.

Metro is currently running a shuttle service every half an hour from Todmorden to Halifax. One is also running from Todmorden to Walsden to cover part of the normal Rochdale service.

Northern Rail has replaced trains between Leeds and Huddersfield with buses and also between Leeds and Hebden Bridge.

There are delays of up to 60 minutes between Leeds, Huddersfield anmd Manchester, the Huddersfield to Wakefield service has been suspended.

A signalling problem is still causing delays to services via Hebden Bridge which is why buses have been provided.

There is no Grand Central service between Bradford Interchange and London.

Flights are still not operating from Leeds Bradford Airport.

They are advising people to contact their airline or tour operator and check the status of the flight before setting off.

The bus services are as follows:

First is running a shuttle service every half hour from Todmorden to Halifax but with extreme caution. A shuttle is running from Todmorden to Walsden (using a minibus) to cover part of the normal Rochdale service.

Other First services are running via main roads where possible.

34 suspended

36 suspended

28A suspended

255 suspended

278 operating but unable to serve Lower Edge and Halifax

501 suspended

503 not via Wetherill and Lindley

510 running to Mixenden Terminus

512 not running between Mixenden terminus and Pellon Road

513 not serving Furness Estate

517 suspended

523 not running round Heath Moor Park Road

528 suspended

531 suspended

534 suspended

536 suspended

537 suspended

539 not running from Bradshaw to Shelf

542 Not Running round BackHold Estate and Gibbet St to Norton Tower

546 suspended for rest of the day

549 not running down Cowcliffe Hill

553 suspended

554 suspended

557 suspended

559 suspended

560 not running from Rishworth to Commons

571 not running through Coley

572 suspended

573 suspended

574 suspended

576 not serving Halifax turning at Queensbury

577 suspended

579 suspended

591 not Running from Hebden Bridge Heptonstall

592 and 589 unable to use Red Lees Road or Mount Lane due to snowdrifts and are using old route via Townley,

593 Not Running From Hebden Bridge to Old Town

626 not serving Wyke. Possible disruption at Baildon and likely to terminate at Shipley

681/2 - not serving Woodside or Northowram.

832 suspended

T1 suspended due to unsafe road conditions

T2, T6, T8 not running due parked cars and snow