UPDATE: Queensbury and Odsal pools likely to be closed

Victoria Hall, Queensbury, which houses the village pool
Victoria Hall, Queensbury, which houses the village pool

Bradford Council is pressing ahead with plans to close four pools including those at Queensbury and the Richard Dunn Sports Centre at Odsal.

PooIs at Bingley and Bowling would also be closed in the shake-up of leisure provision.

The council intends to invest £17 million in a new city centre pool and three community pools but has yet to decide on locations.

Bradford Council said closing pools at Bingley, Bowling, Queensbury, and Odsal, would cut operating and maintenance costs.

The council said it would not close any pools until new facilities had opened and the proposal remains at an early stage.

Councillor Andrew Thornton said: “This is about building and opening new pools and only when they are open would we look at closing older and outdated pools.

“We are going away now to do the detailed planning work and then we will come back with detailed proposals.”