UPDATED: Snow update - advice from police and firefighters

Traffic in snow at Moor End Road, Pellon.
Traffic in snow at Moor End Road, Pellon.
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Police are urging drivers in Calderdale to take extra care in the snow.

Sergeant Rick Lyon from the Western Area

Roads Policing Team advised people to keep a careful eye on the weather forecast and if poor conditions were fpredicted and their journeys were not neccessary, not to take to the roads.

He added drivers should make sure they drive appropriately to the conditions.

West Yorkshire Fire Service is also urging people to take extra care as the temperatures plummet below freezing.

They say wintry weather can pose additional hazards in the home and outside, particularly when it comes to using heaters and driving in difficult conditions.

They are also asking the public – especially dog walkers – to be careful around frozen lakes and waterways, as they can present hidden dangers.

Ian Bitcon, area manager responsible for fire safety, said: “This time of year poses a number of safety hazards which can be avoided if some simple precautionary steps are taken.

“It is the time of year when people dust off their old heaters and electric blankets to keep warm. It is essential that they are regularly checked and used safely. And don’t forget to make sure your smoke alarms are working!

“Unfortunately, the icy conditions and snow make for dangerous driving conditions, so we would urge all motorists to drive appropriately. Remember, it’s better to drive slowly and arrive alive.

“Finally, don’t ever be tempted to walk on frozen waterways, no matter how safe you believe they are. Dogs who stray onto frozen lakes often make their own way back to land, but attempting a rescue could easily end in tragedy.”