US Presidential election 1960: Kennedy pledges a supreme effort

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Neck and neck struggle most tense for years

Senator John Kennedy, in his first statement after his election victory, today pledged himself to work for the cause of freedom around the world.

Speaking in his home town, Hyannis Port, Cape Cod, the 43 year old President elect said the next four years would be difficult and challenging.

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A supreme national effort would be needed to move the country safely through the 1960s, he said, adding: “I can assure you that every degree of mind and spirit I possess will be devoted to the long range interests of the United States and to the cause of freedom around the World.

“Now my wife and I prepare for a new Administration - and for a new baby”, he added. His attractive wife Jacqualine, who is expecting her second child soon, stood by his side.

Senator Kennedy won victory for the Democrats after one of the longest and most tense neck and neck struggles for the Presidency of the United States during this century.

The boyish looking Senator from Boston becomes the youngest man ever elected to the most powerfull office in the Western world and the first Roman Catholic.

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Although he looked assured of victory when he retired to bed at Hyannis Port early today, it was not until 12.35 pm (5.35 pm GMT) that his victory became absolutely certain.

A few minutes later his rival Republican Vice President Nixon, sent him a telegram of congratulation - his formal concession of defeat, although he had virtually admitted losing at 3.25 am (8.25 am GMT).

Mr. Nixon received a message from his victorious opponent saying.

“You are to be congratulated on a fine race. I know that the nation can continue to count on your unswerving loyalty”.

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