Vandals tear down signs by blocked bridge

VANDALS have repeatedly ripped down signs showing an alternative route after the closure of a river bridge at Copley, Halifax.

Walkers, joggers and even cyclists have risked injury by clambering over the bridge wall at the side of fencing.

Otherwise many would have to retrace their route up the steep Norland hillside.

Calderdale Council’s director of economy and environment, Ian Gray, has hit out at the vandals and referred the matter to police.

The bridge was closed last year because of concerns over its structure.

“This is an example of the worst kind of vandalism, putting members of the public in danger,” said Mr Gray.

“Fences were erected at either side of the bridge to prevent access and signs advising of the alternative routes were erected at either side of the bridge and on Wakefield Road, Fall Lane and Hollas Lane.

“The council has been forced to replace these signs on three separate occasions after they were torn down and we have referred this matter to the police.”