Victoria’s boutique gym is in great shape

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Gym owner Victoria Hall says it has been worth the blood, sweat and tears in creating her dream business.

She recently opened her VH Fitness boutique gym on Charles Street offering over 40 different studio classes, a cafe, treatment room, nutritional seminars and workshops.

Victoria was previously based at a studio in Dean Clough, and says her long-term goal is to eventually open more gyms.

She said: “I opted for voluntary redundancy from my job at Lloyds and also received a New Business Boost Grant from the council and with a lot of blood, sweat and tears I managed to create the dream gym I wanted.

“I went on a volunteer trip to Kenya which had been planned months ago and this was around the time when planning was going through - time-scales were very tight and we had six weeks to complete the project.

“I was back and forth on the phone with solicitors and the agent while I was out there but everything was ready to sign the day I landed in the UK.

“I went over budget but I wanted to make sure my vision was brought to life and I wanted to be the only boutique gym in Halifax.

“I have a fantastic support team in apprentice Alex Wilson and my manager Melanie Coop and I couldn’t have done this without them.

“I’ve been working 70 hour weeks to get this place up and running but these two have really helped.

“I still have around 20 client sessions a week and personal training and nutrition advice is my first love.

“We launched a Black Friday deal which really pushed the numbers of members up.

“The challenge was pricing our memberships above other gyms in Halifax and as our instructors came from the council then our members were used to these kinds of prices.

“We believe this gym is not like any other gym in Halifax and people get what they pay for.

“We don’t want to become victims of our success and we will always make sure we know our members personally and that everyone feels welcome.”