VIDEO: A look inside at the people, the heart and soul of Halifax Borough Market

The Halifax Borough Market has been the beating heart of Halifax since its doors first opened 122 years ago.

Recently, due to the retirement of long-standing traders and also due to people changing the way they shop, the market has seen a bit of a downturn according to Chris Sands from the Good Company.

Halifax Borough Market

Halifax Borough Market

Here he explains how he has been working with the people of Halifax Borough Market.

"There are some empty units and unused areas. So for the last few months, The Good Company has been working to put together plans to make the market more appealing to new and old audiences, to encourage new traders to give market trading a try, and to change the use of some of the space.

"We are at the start of this work, and we recognise we have a fair way to go, but we have studied and worked alongside many of the best-performing markets in the UK (and even abroad) to create a plan for the Halifax Borough Market.

"This work is about to start, it will be done on a budget, and will form part of a scheme to eventually apply for national investment funding for the market.

"Because, for us to get that investment, we have to prove to those funders that the market is viable and has a future in Halifax.

"BUT, there are many amazing and expert traders still working in the market - over 70 businesses. And whilst we are taking on new ideas, we really want to highlight just what great and dedicated traders are still working here.

"When we spoke to a lot of people, many love The Halifax Borough Market and feel a real attachment to it. But others told us they tended to not use it, or if they did, use only one or two of the businesses there. The main reason is that people don’t know what is actually in the market.

"So for the start of our work we are highlighting just what is already here. From a superb haberdasher to master butchers, from an expert cobbler who’s customers come from as far away as Manchester, to cafes selling food including Thai, Russian, traditional English, crepes, pie & peas, from barbers to DIY stalls and much more. It’s all here.

"We recognise that it's not easy to find these places, so we are putting together a map, a newspaper and signs to guide you around the market, plus highlighting those traders on social media and a new website. But also we just want to encourage you to explore, to walk, look, talk to traders, ask for their recommendations and just wander. There is so much to see.

"Also, we have worked with our friend and expert film maker, Sarah Mason, (who loves the Borough Market) to put together this beautiful film. Because there are some great businesses here - you just have to go looking. We hope you love the film as much as we do, and we hope it encourages you to come and explore The Halifax Borough Market."