VIDEO: Cragg Vale damage - eye witness account

Trees were ripped down as a ‘mini tornado’ fought it’s way through Cragg Vale yesterday (Friday)

Extensive damage resulted from the severe weather that hit Calderdale.

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Latest news...

Roads were still closed today as diggers and highway maintenance teams cleared debris and trees from the road.

The goings on have sparked a web frenzy, with readers venting on twitter and facebook over the weather.

On twitter, the Cragg Vale Tour de France account, @Craggvale2014, praised the “brilliant community spirit” following the “scary” weather damage, which is said to have also brought down power lines.

“Mini Tornado hit top of Cragg Vale last night. Trees down and debris in road. Clean up underway. Brilliant Community Spirit,” wrote one of the tweets.

Matt Letch saw things happen himself, and described what went on as a “hurricane through the valley”.

More bad weather is forecast later on today with winds increasing as rain arrives from the west.