VIDEO: Family’s near miss as blaze rips through van outside their house

A family home has been left damaged after a blaze ripped through a van.

The vehicle was parked outside Adam Nazir’s house on Manor Drive, Savile Park, when the fire started at around 9am yesterday (Tuesday).

Mr Nazir, 42, said: “I was in bed and I heard shouting and swearing and saw the van was on fire.

“Then I thought I had better get out of the house because the flames were getting bigger...I thought the house might explode.

“I ran out, the kids had left 10 minutes before and I was just thanking God they were at school.

“It got worse and worse.”

The house has been left smoke damaged and the impact of the heat smashed all the front windows of the house.

“I’m so relieved the kids were out of the house,” Mr Nazir, a builder said.

“Thank God nobody got hurt.”

Fire crews from Halifax and Illingworth were called to the blaze and spent around 90 minutes at the scene.

They used hose reels to extinguish the fire, which watch commander Andy Flynn said had been caused by a faulty generator in the van.

Crews then went back in the afternoon to fix smoke alarms in neighbouring properties.