VIDEO: Krueger cake’s a recipe for success

A creative baker has won gold after immortalising a Halloween favourite into a three-foot moving cake.

Robert Firth, 26, of Greetland, spent more than 100 hours perfecting the three-foot tall, life sized Freddy Krueger cake complete with a sound activated robotic hand.

Robert Firth with his giant Freddy Krueger cake...that moves!

Robert Firth with his giant Freddy Krueger cake...that moves!

The part-time baker, who works at Dobson’s Sweet Factory full-time, was inspired two years ago when he attended the Cake International competition in Birmingham.

A year later, Robert entered a tiger shaped cake and won bronze but this year, he went in determined to win gold after taking a week off work to finish his lifelike masterpiece.

Robert said: “I had previously attended a show as a visitor and was amazed with the talent on show and felt that one day I would love to be a part of it.

“It is hard to come up with something that stands out and this year I decided to do something different for me and make the hand move on the cake.

“The cakes themselves are not allowed to be touched by visitors so it had to be sound activated.

“Someone I knew made their cake talk but I wanted to be unique so I found a robotic hand that moved when people clapped. It was unbelievable watching people clap and seeing their face light up with smiles and laughter after.”

Robert hopes to take the three foot tall cake up to Comic Con later this month.

His other entry - a car driving through water - was detailed using sugar and he received a silver award.

“This year I went with little hope of getting gold, arriving back at the show and seeing I had been placed a gold for Freddy makes it at worth while,” added Robert.

Thousands of people entered their incredible cakes each year and are awarded gold, silver or bronze based on their creativeness and detail.