VIDEO: ‘Passenger screamed’ as forklift truck sliced through side of bus in Halifax

A student has described the moment passengers had a lucky escape as a forklift truck crashed into a bus and sliced through the side of the vehicle where elderly people and mums with prams would sit.

The crash happened on Pellon Lane at 12.35pm yesterday (Tuesday) outside James Chambers Timber Merchants when the forklift truck collided with the 545 service.

Danny Escobar Akhtar who was on the bus at the time sent in this video of the aftermath and described what happened.

“The bus stopped at the traffic lights outside the timber merchants,” said the 17-year-old who was on his way to Brooksbank School sixth form in Elland.

“The forklift truck seemed to lose control and crashed into the side.

“A couple were sat just behind the seat where it came through. There was one woman who started to scream and couldn’t handle it.

“The bus driver got out and evacuated everyone from the bus and started taking pictures of the scene.

“Other people at the timber merchants started asking what had happened.”

Police officers were called to the scene as the incident blocked the road.

Dave Randle, Operations Manager at First Halifax, said: “We can confirm that fortunately nobody was injured in this incident and the police have been informed.”