VIDEO: Rural road blocked as 44 ton lorry overturns

An articulated lorry has overturned in Mill Bank and is expected to take two days to recover.

West Yorkshire Road Policing team were called at 9am this morning (Wednesday) to Kennel Lane when the lorry was going around a sharp corner down the rural road and flipped over.

The R Turner lorry, weighing a total of 44 tonnes, was on its way to Littleborough when the accident happened.

The driver suffered a shoulder injury and was taken to hospital.

PC Cameron Buchan said the driver had followed his sat nav down the road and urged people to use common sense rather than following the route suggested.

The recovery is expected to last two days due to the restricted access of the road and a high lift crane needed to life the lorry’s load.

The road will be temporarily closed when the vehicle is recovered by Stoneywood Motors.