VIDEO: Watch US YouTube stars Randy Santel and Magic Mitch eat huge 32oz fish

They were made world famous on the internet for being able to stomach massive meals in record time.

Wednesday, 8th June 2016, 3:26 pm
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 12:47 pm

And American YouTube sensations Randy Santel and ‘Magic’ Mitch Dombrowski flew thousands of miles to take on their latest eating challenge in Ossett.

A crowd of on-lookers packed in to Casey’s Fish N Chip Shop in Bank Street on Tuesday to watch the duo compete in the Casey’s Whale Challenge.

They were served up a massive 32oz fish, a mountain of chips and sides to eat and took on the task of breaking the record by clearing the plate in under 12 minutes.

Mr Santel, who has received millions of views on his YouTube eating competition videos, finished in 11 minutes and 45 seconds.

He said: “I was happy with my strategy; I used the greasiness of the fish to get it down in the challenge.

“It was win number 400 for me from food challenges and it was a good way to finish with it going so close.

“I’ve never been over this way in the UK but it’s very good here in the Yorkshire area.”

Last November, Adam Moran - also known as Beard Meats Food, from Leeds, completed the challenge in 11 minutes and 50 seconds - just five seconds slower than Mr Santel’s effort this week.

Owner Sue Casey, who runs the shop with partner John, said: “It was good to have Randy and Mitch here and it was great to see everyone coming in to watch as well.

“It’s great for a little family shop like ours to attract all these people. Randy managed to beat the record too which was a big challenge.”

The challenge includes a specially-caught 32oz cod, one large portion of chips, peas, beans, curry sauce, gravy and a large bread cake.

Dozens of brave foodies have taken on the challenge at the shop, but only a handful have ever managed to complete the meal.

The latest spectacle was organised by Mr Santel as part of a European tour, where he is competing with fellow eater Mr Dombrowski at more than 20 different venues until August.

Scott Winfield, who travelled from Mirfield to watch the challenge, said: “I think it’s really interesting to watch someone pile as much food as they can in. It’s pushing the possibilities of what a human can and should do. It’s extremely interesting for someone to do it as a profession.

“I’ve watched so many of Randy’s videos so to see him to it in the flesh is great.”

Mr Santel has clocked up a massive fan base with millions of views on a number of his videos and has 215,000 YouTube subscribers.

Andrew Lomax, who travelled from Wigan to watch the challenge, said: “I came here because I couldn’t get to Manchester to watch Randy yesterday.

“I’m a big fan of his and it was great to see it. It’s more than just eating a lot of food.”

Mr Dombrowski also took part in the challenge after Mr Santel’s record-breaking effort.