Villagers fuming over ‘smelly’ trucks

A view of Queensbury
A view of Queensbury

Furious Queensbury residents have hit out at the “disgusting, smelly” wagons transporting animal waste and plaguing their village.

Nearly 700 people have signed a petition urging the Leo Group to transport the waste in sealed containers or avoid Queensbury’s roads all together.

But the Halifax-based Leo Group stressed its routes and operating times are dictated by Bradford Council.

If the petition reaches 1,500 signatures, it will automatically be debated by a meeting of Bradford Council.

A spokesperson for the protestors group said: “The smells are so disgusting that a number of people have been physically sick. The smells are affecting the lives of those that live and work in and around the village. We have had children and adults that have been horrified by contents of the spillages.”

A spokesman for the Leo Group said: “We adhere to transportation standards which are amongst the toughest imposed by any sector.

“In following this strict guidance laid down by the animal by-products industry, we strive to meet - and beat - best practice wherever possible. Moving this type of cargo in air-tight containers is widely recognised as not being a practical or safe option.

“We are committed to looking at innovation and ways of breaking new ground wherever possible. We would also like to reassure people there are no health issues from breathing in any perceived odours.

“It is important to stress that the route to our Bradford facility – and the operating times that we can move vehicles into and out of the site - has been dictated to us by Bradford District Council.”

A Bradford Council spokesperson refuted claims that the council dictates the route of the Leo Group’s vehicles and said the e-petition will be considered once it has closed.

Councillor Michael Walls (Con, Queensbury) said: “If the wagons are sealed there would not be any spillage.

“I have signed the petition,” he added.