Villagers successful in rural road repairs drive

VILLAGERS are celebrating after a 30 year campaign for a road in a rural part of Calderdale to be maintained at public expense was successful.

The long campaign for Chapel Lane, Blackshaw Head, to be reinstated and maintained by Calderdale Council came up trumps after detective work by the chairman of the Blackshaw Head Parish Council Dorothy Sutcliffe,

To celebrate villagers held a reopening ceremony with Coun Sutcliffe cutting the ribbon.

She added: “The road had been in an absolutely appalling condition until Calderdale resurfaced it last week. I am absolutely delighted we have finally been able to prove at long last that it was a public highway,”

Up to 1981, various authorities had carried out repairs to the road but the former West Yorkshire County Council then informed the parish council that previous patching works had been done in error as the land was not adopted and no further repairs could be authorised.

Clerk Lars Hansen said: “Over the intervening years the parish council had written many times to assert that Chapel Lane was a public highway but to no avail.

He added: “The situation would have remained the same but for Coun Sutcliffe in her role as a trustee of the chapel receiving a bundle of old documents relating to the extension of the graveyard which revealed the lane was maintained at the public expense.”

Councillor Sutcliffe said: “I am just pleased that Calderdale acted swiftly and had the lane reinstated once the documents had been discovered.”