Violent ex strangled his girlfriend’s mum

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A VIOLENT boyfriend has been jailed for eight months after straddling his ex-girlfriend’s mum and throttling her.

Gilbert Andrew Reilly, 39, admitted assaulting Carol Frankland after a row with her daughter Paula.

A court was told the couple had been out drinking together on November 26 last year and an argument erupted between them when they got home.

Police were called and officers told Reilly to leave the house to prevent any further trouble.

Later that night, Mrs Frankland came round and was with her daughter and her friend in the lounge when Reilly returned, drunk, to get his belongings.

Prosecutor Stephanie Hancock told the court Reilly became abusive towards Mrs Frankland and attacked her.

She said: “He sat on the sofa and straddled her and put his hands around her throat, pinning her to the sofa.”

Miss Frankland managed to drag Reilly away and the couple ended up fighting in the garden, the court was told.

Reilly was less than a month into a suspended sentence at the time of the offence after attacking another of Miss Frankland’s relatives.

On November 1, he had been sentenced to six months in jail, suspended for a year, for assaulting her brother the previous Christmas and causing him actual bodily harm.

He also has convictions for assault and harrassment on his criminal record, which goes back to 1999.

Gerald Hendron, mitigating, said: “There were no injuries, it wasn’t a sustained assault and it was committed whilst in drink and when emotions were running high - but his behaviour was quite unacceptable.”

Judge Jonathan Rose activated four months of Reilly’s suspended sentence and jailed him for a further four months for the latest offence.

He said: “The violence you used to her was significant. You were on top of her and you had your hands around her throat.

“This would have been a terrifying assault, particularly so when it was against an innocent and vulnerable woman.”