Wallabies, ostriches and even a porcupine are living in Todmorden


WITH all these amazing animals, Peter Boddy almost has enough for his own ark.

Northern elk, muntjac deer and ostriches are just some of the wonderful creatures he looks after at his farm in Todmorden.

There are also six wallabies and two black swans - animals that usually found Down Under - and even a porcupine.

And he is expecting the arrival of bison and water buffalo over this week.

“They have shelter so they’re not bothered by the weather,” said Mr Boddy.

Mr Boddy started his mini-zoo through his work running Live Animal Capture, which humanely sedates animals that may pose a threat to themselves, to humans or the environment.

He has been involved in capturing deer and other wildlife for over 20 years, working with zoos, vets and farmers.

His land is not officially open to the public but often people driving past will stop when they see the unusual collection.