War heroes will be remembered

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The Todmorden branch of the Fusiliers Association will pay its respects to the Old Comrades Association by laying a wreath in the Remembrance Garden in Centre Vale Park in the group’s memory.

The Old Comrades Association was made up of veterans of the Great War and members of the 1st 6th Lancashire Fusiliers. As the years moved on after the end of the Great War, the members of the Old Comrades Association would meet at the beginning of May to mark the start of the Gallipoli Campaign and pay their respect to their fallen comrades.

May 6, 1915, saw the 1st 6th Lancashire Fusiliers enter the theatre of war for the first time on the Gallipoli Peninsula, a campaign in which the Todmorden men suffered heavy losses. During the Gallipoalone, 52 Todmorden men were either killed in action or died of wounds and 19 deaths came in just one day on August 17. 1915.

Descendants of the Old Comrades and members of the public are welcome to join the Todmorden branch of the Fusiliers Association for the short wreath laying on Sunday, May 1.

Meet at the Remembrance Garden at 10.45am.