Warning on bogus Yorkshire Water officials

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Yorkshire Water is warning people to beware of bogus callers operating in the West Yorkshire area.

West Yorkshire Police has been called to a number of addresses across West Yorkshire specifically in Brighouse, Leeds and Bradford where burglars have been pretending to be from the company to gain access to homes.

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Water said: “We are working closely with the police to assist them with their inquiries.

“But would like to remind all homeowners that all genuine Yorkshire Water employees carry identification, and on the very rare occasions the company visits customers’ properties, this identification can and should always be verified by calling 0800 1 38 78 78. While making this call, customer should close their door on the caller. Genuine callers will have no issue waiting while their credentials are verified.”

To help crack down on the scourge of bogus callers, the company also has a customer password system. The scheme works by enabling customers to register an agreed personal password with the company, through a simple phonecall. Then, whenever they receive a phonecall or a visit to their property by someone claiming to be from Yorkshire Water, they should always ask for this password. If the caller cannot provide them with their password, they should not, under any circumstances, let them into their property or continue with the phonecall.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police speaking in support of Yorkshire Water said: “We look into every allegation of bogus callers and take them extremely seriously. We would urge anyone with information to contact police on 1010 and would also appeal to the public not to let unexpected callers into their homes.

“Bogus callers often claim to be calling on behalf of the ‘gas board’ or ‘water board’. They will try various things to get into a house and will often target elderly people.

“Genuine works representing service companies will carry identification with them, or will be happy to let you check their credentials with their office while they wait. Do not feel like you have to invite them in to your house.

“They should also not appear unannounced.

“If people have concerns about someone who turns up at their door, we would advise them to call police on 101.”

To sign up to Yorkshire Water’s doorstep password scheme, simply contact the company on 0845 1 24 24 24.

For more information and advice on how to prevent yourself from falling victim to bogus callers, visit yorkshirewater.com/boguscallers