Warning to motorists as driver has a lucky escape from this M62 crash

Motorists are being warned to take care on the wet and slippery roads with more rain forecast for the rest of the week.

North West Motorway Police posted these pictures on the crash on Sunday.

Picture of the M62 crash by North West Motorway Police

Picture of the M62 crash by North West Motorway Police

The incident happened on the westbound carriageway of the M62 between junction 22 and 21.

A spokesperson for the unit said that one of their officers has been to see the driver and confirmed that they will make a full recovery.

The driver and family involved would like to thank those that assisted at the scene and everyone for their well wishes.

Police are warning drivers to take extra care on the road as it becomes more slippery and with more rain forecast.

Picture of the M62 crash by North West Motorway Police

Picture of the M62 crash by North West Motorway Police

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Road safety charity Brake has the following safety advice if you get caught driving in heavy rain and floods.

Keep well back from the vehicle in front as the rain and spray makes it difficult to see and be seen.

Look out for steering becoming unresponsive, which can happen if water prevents the tyres from gripping. If this occurs, ease off the accelerator and gradually slow down. If possible, pull over somewhere safe until the rain stops and the water drains away.

Never attempt to cross a flooded road if you are unsure how deep it is; only cross if you can see the road through the water. Apart from potential damage, many vehicles require only two feet of water to float.

If driving on a flooded road, stay in first gear with the engine speed high and drive very slowly. Do not drive through floodwater if a vehicle is coming the other way. If possible, drive in the middle of the road to avoid deeper water near the kerb.

Test brakes immediately after driving through water by driving slowly over a flat surface and pressing the brakes gently. Warn passengers first.

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