'Waste of money' - your reaction to the new £283m M62 smart motorway scheme

The smart motorway system already in place on the M62The smart motorway system already in place on the M62
The smart motorway system already in place on the M62
Readers have been having their say on a £283m smart motorway system set to be introduced on the M62 between junctions 20 and 25.

Highways England has launched a consultation on the variable mandatory speed limits planned on the M62 smart motorway between junctions at Rochdale and Brighouse.

As part of improvements planned for this scheme, variable mandatory speed limits will be used to manage traffic speeds with the aim of helping to reduce congestion, whilst enabling the safe operation of the motorway.

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The cost of the scheme is £283.2 million but could rise as high as £392.3 million.

The consultation will close on September 26 2019.

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Consultation opens on £283m M62 smart motorway scheme between junction 20 and 25

This is what you have been saying.

Vicki Lawton: "Great idea, to many crashes on that section of the motorway at the moment."

Alex Sykes: "Waste of money! I thought Smart Motorways were intended to improve traffic flow - not accident prevention. Never noticed that traffic flow was a particular problem on that section of M62."

Emma Dunn: "The only congestion I experience on the M62 in West Yorkshire is on the smart bit when the speed limit is down to sixty."

Helen Brown: "I'd rather the money was spent on potholes."

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Keith Alders: "It doesn't seem to have worked on the stretch that's already got so probably be a waste of money."

Andrea Parker: "Smart motorways will never work as long as there are dumb drivers."

Rebecca Page Palmer: "There are terrible accidents there nearly everyday that are not only awful for those directly involved, they cause widespread disruption to people and businesses on windy rural lanes. I've used smart lanes in urban areas in the Midlands and they are so confusing and distracting, this just is not appropriate for an area which suffers from poor weather /visibility etc.

Gareth Emmett: "Spend the money on more Traffic Officers.

"Variable speed limits won't affect the morons that drive while using their mobile, while reading, while gossiping, while having impaired vision due to illegal tints, while lane hogging, while being considerably below the speed limit.

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"Few of the things that actually cause hold ups can be stopped by anything other than more police."

Paul Drake: "Control speed but leave the hard shoulder for emergency use only. More investment required for wider motorways and better public transport. Stop spending millions on worthless projects and the MOD and spend on health, education and transport.

Andrea Parker: "Oh joy!!! More roadworks. The hard shoulder needs to be left alone for emergencies, not turned into another lane."

Heather Tomkinson: "Money spent on better motorway lighting on this stretch of motorway due to the adverse weather would be far better than dangerous/confusing manage motorways that distract motorists from the real issue of driving safely .

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Mark Scholey: "I drive this motorway every day to Manchester, to be honest unless there’s an accident this section is always moving.

Heath Haigh: "They don't need it on the Pennine route. Maybe between Ainley Yop and Brighouse which might help traffic move smoother coming onto the 62."